Caspian Creates Teams Up with PandaDoc

Are you tired of crafting time consuming documents? Frustrated with inefficient workflows? Or, has the pandemic created a need for your organization to switch to digital documents?

Introducing PandaDoc, an end-to-end document automation solution, providing a single platform for building, sending, tracking and accepting documents.Within PandaDoc, document recipients have the ability to instantly sign or make a payment with in-document credit card transactions and eSigning capabilities.

Using PandaDoc, you’ll notice the time your team spends working in a document’s workflow is dramatically reduced. Teams that use PandaDoc see a 30% decrease in time to close, 2x closed deals per month and a 65% decrease in document creation time.

PandaDoc has tons of enhanced features that streamline your document management:

● Content Library - drag-and-drop images, graphs, videos and other media.

● Analytics - track when documents are opened, forwarded or downloaded.

● CRM Integration - work with documents without ever having to leave your CRM.

The PandaDoc team and Caspian would love to schedule some time to discuss PandaDoc in further detail with you. We’d also be happy to share a demo so you can see how PandaDoc can streamline your organization’s workflow in real-time.

Reach out to our team today, and let us know what we can help you automate!