Databox is a comprehensive business analytics platform used by over 20,000 businesses to track and visualize their performance data. It allows users to connect data from various tools, tracking it from any device. With Databox, businesses can easily connect their data, build and share reports, monitor trends, and discover insights without needing to log into dozens of different tools​.

Users can track thousands of metrics from all their tools, with popular metrics and their common visualizations already built into the platform, allowing for a more complete view of performance at a glance. Databox's Dashboard Designer makes it easy to pull necessary metrics, visualize Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in various ways, and fully customize the look and presentation of dashboards without requiring coding or design skills. Moreover, Databox is more than a dashboard tool; users can also set and measure progress toward goals, create custom metrics, share and automate reports, get notifications when certain metrics are on or off track, and much more​.