The Story of How Two Kids with a Camera and a Vision Got Here

Caspian Creates was started by two marketers with the same mission:
Innovating and integrating cutting edge tech & strategies into marketing teams.

August 2014
Co-founders Karsen & Quinten start taking photos of anything and everything after Quinten gets his first camera as a gift.
October 2014
Karsen & Quinten discuss the opportunity to turn their hobby as friends into a side-hustle. Karsen inspires and motivates Quinten to start a business together.
February 2015
After realizing that their competitors didn't have a comprehensive online presence, the duo launched their first website.

It was this decision that planted the seeds of Caspian's launch and growth, and the duo's first foray into the world of Marketing and Advertising.

“We knew that having an online presence would help people find us that were looking for photographers in the area. In those days, not many people in our area were using the same techniques at the time.”

Karsen, Co-Founder of Caspian Creates, INC.

August 2015
The Dynamic Duo go off to college, and continue to hone in their skills. They learn about Search Engine Marketing, and apply advanced SEO techniques to their website.

“Applying SEO to our website was a game changer. Little did we know it would plant the seeds for Caspian Creates.”

Quinten, Co-founder of Caspian Creates, INC.

June 2016
The payoff!!

Karsen and Quinten's SEO efforts pay off for them big time. The duo return home from college for the summer to work, and they get an unexpected call.

While home from college for the summer, it was business as usual. Summer jobs, helping family, spending time with friends and working their photography side-hustle.

One summer day, the call of a lifetime comes in from Washington, D.C.

National Geographic found Karsen and Quinten's business from a simple Google search, and they were eager to hire the duo for a nearby job.

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May 2017
National Geographic publishes Karsen and Quinten's photographic work in their book, Loyal, a heartwarming collection of tales about service dogs and their owners.

This is when our founders realized the power of digital marketing, and they decided to embark on a journey to create more business ventures and help other businesses.

December 2017
Quinten and Karsen leave college to focus on gaining practical workforce experience and continuing their entrepreneurial journey.

During this time, the Duo started and ended several ventures, honing in their marketing expertise along the way. They also began helping other small business owners with their software, marketing and advertising strategies.

May 2020
🚀 caspian creates launches
In order to help other business owners overcome challenges that 2020 presented, our founders stepped up to the plate, officially launching Caspian Creates, INC. in the spring of 2020.

Building a business is risky. To do so during a global pandemic and a deep recession? Even riskier. To us, it didn't matter - we were focused on doing our part to ensure the success of businesses impacted by the pandemic.

January 2021
After launching and successfully marketing their first business, Karsen and Quinten decided to stick with what they knew best: Marketing, Advertising & Design. The duo grew Caspian Creates, leaving their day jobs and pursuing Caspian full time in January of 2021.

“Caspian Creates has given us the opportunity to serve over 60 businesses and individuals, and we keep growing. It humbles us daily that we get to do what we're passionate about, and that's helping others succeed. We've taken what we've learned about our industry, and turned it into a way to better serve businesses and their marketing teams.”

Karsen & Quinten, Co-Founders of Caspian

Today, Caspian Creates is run by two entrepreneurs with a zest for helping others succeed in creative ways. We've turned what we've learned into a solution meant to solve your marketing team's most troubling pain points.

You've heard our story, it's now time for the world to hear yours.

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Caspian Creates: Paving the Path Forward in Your Entrepreneurial Odyssey

Every epic tale has an origin, and ours begins with the fusion of creativity and entrepreneurship. In 2014, our co-founders embarked on their entrepreneurial odyssey, launching a photography business as their first venture. This modest beginning was the spark that ignited the flame that would eventually forge Caspian Creates.

The title, "Caspian Creates," stands as a beacon, illuminating our voyage from humble beginnings to an ascendant force in the industry, symbolizing the spirit of our journey. The name “Caspian,” like the mighty sea, represents fluidity, adaptability, and the strength to overcome adversity. The word “Creates” signifies our dedication to creativity, innovation, and the transformative power of ideas. This is the DNA of our brand, embodying the core tenets of our vision.

Our founders' passion for creativity, paired with their strategic prowess, led to their work being featured in the National Geographic book, "Loyal." This achievement, a testament to their forward thinking approach to Marketing, alongside a robust SEO strategy, was a stepping-stone that set the stage for a grander vision.

The journey didn’t stop there; over the years, our founders’ passion for creativity evolved, transforming into a resource for other professionals seeking creative content and strategic advice. Thus, in 2020, Caspian Creates was born, rising to the challenge that 2020 presented, helping others succeed, and showcasing our resilience and adaptability in the face of adversity.

Today, Caspian Creates stands tall, proudly having served over 60 clients, whether on monthly retainer or through bespoke consultancy. Our growth story is one of constant evolution, embodiment of the entrepreneurial spirit, our unwavering dedication to our clients, and the adaptability that the ever-changing business landscape demands.

We haven't forgotten our roots. Our journey is not ours alone, but a shared narrative with the numerous businesses and individuals who've trusted us and contributed to our growth. Caspian owes our success to the many businesses and individuals who provided our founders with the experience necessary to help other entrepreneurs grow. The spirit of entrepreneurship is woven into our fabric, and we’re as dedicated to our mission today as we were on day one.

As we look ahead, we stand committed to our mission: to be your trusted partner in navigating the complex waters of the business world. Welcome to Caspian Creates, where your vision and our passion for creativity merge, where we rise to challenges and transform them into opportunities, and where your success is our shared triumph.

We look forward to creating with you.

Our Founding Team

Karsen Felzien
Karsen Felzien
Co-Founder & CMO
Quinten Saathoff
Quinten Saathoff
Co-Founder & CEO
“We developed Caspian from the ground up to understand how to improve our clients' experiences with their marketing and advertising agency."
Karsen & Quinten
Co-Founders | Caspian Creates, INC.
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