Caspian Creates, INC. Joins the Constant Contact Partner Program

KEARNEY, NE — 7/19/2021 — Caspian Creates, INC. today announced it has become a Constant Contact Partner. Caspian will now be able to provide its clients access to Constant Contact’s online marketing platform and additional marketing services to help them reach current customers and find new ones in all the places that matter: email, social, mobile, and web.

“The Caspian Executive Team is so excited to announce our new partnership with Constant Contact! This relationship will allow us to solidify our service offerings to our new and existing clients, and the tools that Constant Contact provides made teaming up with them a no-brainer. Our relationship with Constant Contact will give our clients access to an amazing suite of tools that will help them grow their businesses efficiently and effectively,” said Quinten Saathoff, Caspian’s CEO.

Karsen Felzien, Caspian’s CMO, added “Our new partnership with Constant Contact is exciting news for our company and, most importantly, our clients. Email and other digital marketing services are critical to so many businesses, and we are thrilled to be teaming up with one of the largest software providers in the industry to bring their tools to our clients. We are looking forward to building these services into our current and future service offerings.”

Caspian Creates is a wholly owned subsidiary of Caspian Group, INC. Caspian Creates brings digital marketing insights to its clients, along with the tools that businesses need to succeed online. With over 14 years of combined experience, and having had work published by companies such as National Geographic, the founders of Caspian are experienced and know what it takes to help businesses like yours succeed online.

Caspian Creates will now use Constant Contact, which allows customers to easily create more engaging online marketing campaigns that will help grow their business. Constant Contact makes it easy for their Partners to match the right campaign type to client needs, expand the scope of services, and grow their businesses.

“Our partners are the consultants, designers, developers, and agencies that provide services tailored to the needs of small businesses and nonprofits,” said Joe Ribaudo, Director of Channel Marketing, Constant Contact. “By joining the Constant Contact Partner Program, Caspian Creates has demonstrated its commitment to small business success by offering easy access to world-class online marketing tools and enhanced services to their clients.”

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