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Hello there! 👋🏼 I’m Quinten, and I am passionate about using my creativity to help others grow their businesses! Though I wrote my very first business plan in 2012 as a sophomore in high school, my first real experience as an entrepreneur began at the age of 17 when my best friend, Karsen, and myself started a photography business. Together, we grew into winning contracts for our local school and the Chamber of Commerce. We even had the opportunity to do work for National Geographic! Our work is featured in the book Loyal, a collection of stories about service dogs and their owners. Fast forward to 2021, and we have successfully launched our newest venture, Caspian Creates. Caspian is a digital agency born from our passion for helping others achieve success with their brand. By leaning on the same experience and expertise that allowed us to be organically found and hired by National Geographic, we bring our all to the table when you hire Caspian for your web design, social media and content creation! Personally, one of my top passions is to help others solve complex problems or situations. My adaptable skill set and mental outlook help me achieve this by using past life experiences or the experiences others have shared with me to apply a tailored approach to each situation. Not to mention, I find it extremely fun to put together the puzzle pieces that make up each and every solution to a unique problem!I always enjoy meeting new people! If you’d like to reach out, I’m only a quick message away.

My Top 5 Clifton Strengths: Achiever | Individualization | Competition | Focus | Relator

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