analysis process

First, we will provide you with a FREE consultation so we can assess your needs. Not every delivery channel is right for every business or situation, and we will use the information you provide us to determine the best strategy for delivering your ad copy to the proper audience.

Development Process

After we determine the best approach, we can develop campaign ideas and begin to research your target audience. During this phase, we will also work with you to develop a budget for ad spend and content creation. In addition, Caspian will also use our research on your target market to determine which platform or platforms are essential delivery channels for reaching your audience.

Design process

Once a plan is in place, we can then begin to design the ad copy around the campaigns we create during the planning phase. We will create multiple samples for your approval. Your top 3 picks will be subjected to a test run on each platform. Based on the performance of each specific ad copy, the top performers will be scaled up and the lowest performers will be discontinued.  


As your project comes to a conclusion, we will outline the overall performance of your advertising campaigns, what worked and what did not. We can then provide additional assessment and continue to scale up ads or create new campaigns.